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Bespoke Design

Full Project Lifecycle

cncIf you have a project in mind, but are unsure as to the design of the solution, we can help. We are fully competent at taking a new idea through the design, prototype, test, manufacture and finishing processes.

To the left you can see a typical lifecycle of a project. Once we have your idea the project will go through the following extensive, but not exclusive process.

  • AutoCAD Design
    - convert the idea into a practical design electronically.
  • 3d3D Visualisation
    - by creating this we can carryout first tests.
  • Layout for Cutting Machine
    - get the design ready for the CNC machinery.
  • Fabricate and Test Project Prototype
  • Fabricate final project to qty required.
  • Finish Project
    - painting or protective coatings.

We can work from emailed files, drawings, cardboard cutouts or even sketches on the back of a barmat, whatever suits you.

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Reekie Steeltec received its ISO9001 registration in December 2008

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